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Business Insurance

What About Business Insurance?

Business owners are vulnerable to many potentially damaging events, especially legal action undertaken by a consumer, employee illness, injury and other types of unexpected loss-causing challenges. If you’re a small to medium sized business owner, you have likely invested so much of your time, effort, sweat and tears and, of course, money in your endeavors.  It makes perfect sense, then, that such an investment would be protected. 

Coverage Options


Good business insurance coverage can compensate the business owner for much of the costs associated with the loss of goods or equipment due to theft. For example, if product is taken during a thief’s break-in to a warehouse, this protection can provide compensation for the replacement of the covered property. Items typically covered also include office equipment, computers, etc. What can be protected is really just about any asset that a policyholder would like. 

Naturally Occurring Events

Business insurance can also protect one’s enterprise from natural disasters. It safeguards assets and covers inventory from the expenses of damage or destruction from a wide variety of natural disasters. Examples like earthquakes or floods can be covered. If your business were to be destroyed from an earthquake or flood, the cost of restoring it to its prior condition would likely be overwhelming without the right insurance policy coverage.

Other Kinds of Coverage:

General Liability- This is vital protection from such things as injuries on-premises, legal action, property damage, and accidents.

Property Coverage- This protects a business’ equipment, physical structure, goods and inventory, and more.

Business Interruption Coverage- Should a business cease in being able to function as a result of some kind of a covered loss, this protection will compensate for lost revenue while the business is out of operation.