One of the most common questions we hear about home insurance is so simple and very understandable. Why are my rates going up? Now? I know that it can feel frustrating and confusing. Uh The truth is there are a large number of reasons why you might see higher home insurance premiums and not all of them are things you can control if there is an increase in the cost of uh replacement materials like uh lumber or stone or in the cost of labor that will probably translate into higher premiums. Now, likewise, if the value of your neighborhood is on the rise and therefore the value of your home is increasing, then it will cost more to insure. Now, I also can’t forget to mention that if there is a large number of people in your area making insurance claims that could translate into higher rates as well, your insurance agent might be able to help you find ways to offset these cost increases. So do not be shy about contacting them to find out more.

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