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Leash and Collar Dog Services

Dog-care specialist, Dee Kate Murdock, has announced the opening of Leash and Collar Dog Services, serving Lubbock and surrounding communities. Ms. Murdock has over fifteen years of dog care experience, including fostering, whelping and training.

When asked about the importance of dog services, she explained, “Whether it’s letting dogs out for a potty break during those long work days, giving under-exercised dogs regular walks, or providing a safe, fun environment when people go out of town, we are here to help. We also provide individual training because so many people feel frustrated and isolated when it comes to dog behavior problems. Group classes can’t always address the problem behavior.

Individual training is the answer, and we believe that helping dog owners understand their dogs is the place to begin.” Before relocating to Lubbock, Ms. Murdock lived in Illinois, where she fostered dogs for several years for the Vermilion County Animal Shelter Foundation. She decided to launch her business in her hometown of Lubbock to provide a much-needed service, and to pursue her passion of working with dogs.

Helping dog owners understand their dogs is the driving purpose of her business, and she wants to provide a resource for Lubbock dog owners. “

We have land on the edge of town, with a dog-friendly home and a large fenced-in lawn, and we feel led to use this property to provide a service for Lubbock dog owners.” When asked what she enjoys most about her work, she said, “Helping dogs and their owners learn to understand and enjoy each other is the most rewarding activity. I love being a part of it.”

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