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Townsend Agency Helps Kids

Townsend Agency is dedicated to impacting our community by doing what we can to help others Live Well and Thrive.

We are committed to being Agents of Change.

Our agency is passionate about empowering the next generation through service. We firmly believe that community involvement is integral to child development and prosperity. The Townsend Agency supports The Locker and their mission to “educate and empower youth, through Service Learning, to meet the needs of others in their community so that every child has a sense of normalcy.” By connecting students with their communities, they are making a vital impact on the community. Giving children this opportunity sets them up for success. As crucial community leaders, we stand by initiatives that continue to make more community leaders. Because when one child wins, we all win. What makes The Locker unique is that they provide basic necessities to at-risk students because they should not have to worry about that, but rather their own success. Our goal is to help The Locker continue the great and necessary work they have started.

We will donate $10 towards our current Community Cause campaign for every single person that gets recommended to our agency for a policy review or quote.

We’re committed to finding those that could use a lift, and then giving our customers, business partners…and anybody else that cares, the ability to help them and make an impact themselves.

Please join us in making a difference and being that change!


Townsend Agency